Shed a Tear Cause I’m Missing You

Yesterday morning was a tough one. The distress came out in those glossy eyes, those eyes that when first opened I was there to receive. There she hunkered on the couch in the dark, alone to grieve for her mama. No words were needed, only a heart-to-heart embrace to hold space to breathe just like when I first welcomed her into this world. Tears wouldn’t stop and I didn’t attempt to. Only allowing her the space for them to flow and feel her deepest sentiments. What are you going to do mama? Please don’t shed tears for me love, I have an army behind me. Ancestors no one told me of, but I know they know me, my purpose and thirst. The souls of my lineage that have loved me into existence and by no means a coincidence and endowing in me all the wiser from their life force projected through the reticle of their own political seasons. They stood their ground, they got on their knees for this moment. Shed those tears and go forth and play, play like you never played before I tell my sweet child. Sometimes a six-year-old, needs to be lulled into a lullaby, sometimes she’s guided to charge through a situation no matter the hurt. Maybe we are born from the dust of stars, maybe we were meant to take an outstanding chance or else the spell grabs a hold on us. Let lessons not be lost, but reawaken us for if we cannot pass on the one and only birthright to our own descendants than who are we and from whom do we come from? You exist because of centuries of love, you are sacred dear one and you will never occur in this exact way again.

“You are okay, dear soul.
Every living thing aches as it changes.” -Jaiya John, Fragrance After Rain

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