In the Existing Moments

The passers-by did not take heed

Of me, of my frozen stillness.

Deep-rooted ideas, they cling onto

Intentions pitched into the bottoms of the washed-out bins.

Desires to live a celebratory existence stay frozen.

Remember the template,

Remember there’s another way.

The nudges devoted to their prodding until the recall of the path that once lay,

Until the long-awaited honor slices through

At the stillness on the frozen earth

Or the strife drowning in the lucidity of dreams.

I’m not different, I’m not changed. I’m existing in the moment.

Kindly understand my humble expression frozen here on this earth without the urge to challenge.

Save it for your internal turbulences.

Acknowledge that before you thrash at my innermost existence,

For this existing moment is a regenerative one.

Always another breath.

Unbecoming or becoming,

Whichever has reached its limit.

The best is yet to come for those who surrender in these growing moments.

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