There Has to Be an Invisible Sun

There’s a struggle we can’t always gauge
in the dark within or without.
Because in this world,
we can’t always be
a light for others to see.

They’re going to change this place,
or will we?

Stuck in a groove, a pattern premeditated for all.
To deviate is to spin into another dimension,
kinetically diving into the process of becoming something new.

As warm current swirls into a musty and frigid sea of clouds
the ensuing and constant flow,
if we only let go…ominously it wouldn’t be.  
Our generations far beyond to feel the heat of the invisible sun
and all scars from where we’ve been,
blended again without a blemish to brood.

All is already in absolute.
All is unfurling.
You can’t always see it,
there must be something radiating light into our lives.
Who would have thought,
not to go looking outward for it?

“Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.” – Sir Thomas Browne

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