A Trapeze Act

How is it my micro girl, a lengthy way in reaching her double digits, has more upper strength than me? I can’t complete this trapeze course and yet she swings back and forth with ease and doesn’t want to desert camp. Believe me when I say this is something of a challenge and a whole lot of conviction needed when your one hand lets go of the ring and for a few seconds your weight doubles hanging on from your non-dominant arm. She figured out the trick from the start: swing back, once propelled forward reach for the other ring…no looking back, no regrets. She has many attributes to admire but this one is blowing my mind these days. She’s one to watch. As we continue to lose-heart and forgo just about anything for temporal convenience…this little one is building up her strength, charging through the impossible moments. A monetary passing of time on route to picking up a sibling, this is our latest spot to hang. A momentary detour, our little reprieve to boost our courage and not fall prey into temptation to see ourselves or others in our worst. Here we go forth at our own pace, having grace for our mistakes, or in my case my hesitation, forgiving ourselves so we can forgive them in others. Amen.

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