One with the Breeze

I had a caption for this. It was crafty. I thought to myself, I ought to write it down. I didn’t. I forgot what the small voice whispered to me. But my vibrant artist has sketched a few of these. She says I’m going fast. I know I replied. Your sketch has told me so. Ever amazed by young children and their imaginative powers that translate into skills. The ability to visualize the event of her remarkable being moving swiftly and sketching it so adorably is something to regard. Kinesis is a wonder for our bodies; it’s graced us to this tipping point in our timeline. Children know, they are always on the run. They are showing us to activate the cellular intelligence we have, charming us to reclaim it through movement and all we do is scream heatedly from the sidelines and push them to run harder. Even though my original caption escapes me still, to know my child fancies herself moving swiftly, lightly and trustingly is inspiring, nonetheless. Hope to see this one day soon within us all. It would be the most magnificent thing we could ever imagine; can you picture it?

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