Feeling this resplendent soul. She is bold, beautiful and magically wild, the way we were meant to be. Check out the rest of her lyrics and enjoy bebopping to her electrifying vibe.

“There’s a war (there’s a war)

The kingdom’s on fire, the blood of a young messiah

I see sinners in a church, I see sinners in a church

Sometimes I might be introvert

There’s a war inside, I hear battle cries

Mothers burying sons, young boys playing with guns

The devil’s a liar, fulfil your wildest desires

Now I don’t wanna be the one to doctor this

But if you can’t feel pain then you can’t feel the opposite

The fight between the Yin and Yang’s a fight you’ll never win

I study humans, that makes me an anthropologist

I’m not into politics but I know it’s dark times

Parts of the world still living in Apartheid (there’s a war, there’s a war)

But if I don’t take this winner’s flight that’s career suicide

Though I should’ve been a friend when your grandma died

I see the illness eat my aunt laying in her bed

I see her soul rising as her body gets closer to death

Find a way, I’ll find a way

The world’s not over

I will make it, don’t you cry

In God we trust

‘Cause we’re not alone

I need a license to feel (I can’t feel)

Internal wounds and I’m not tryna be healed (no I don’t, no I don’t, no)

I sabotage what we are trying to build

‘Cause of feelings I keep inside but it’s time to reveal (reveal, reveal)…” -Little Simz

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