Don’t Miss Out

Don’t Miss Out

All this petty worry,
fallen understandably into the nadir.
Trapped in the fear of feeling something fully.
No doubt circumstance of the day,
have a lot to say where we are this era.
Time not to fret; you are protected.
Wake from the dream spell,
lean into it fully.
To have courage is not acting in absence of fear; it’s to plow through it.
Where are we going?
Even in the most autocratic of times,
the longing will of a collective that unites,
will gratify in the days of glory gaining.
And all toil heretofore,
the most miraculous, most extra-ordinary of times,
will extricate and sweeten the dream within the cosmos.
Withdraw your awareness from feeding structures of despair.
Take command of your perception
and feel it fully.
Still and small, yet at no means immature,
the answer is there,
waiting for you to take hold of the stars.
There is no greater currency in the galaxy.

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