Take An Ujjayi Break

This looks more like an asteroid hit this spot rather than snowfall. We took a chunk of it home with us for further investigation under a lens. There is nothing left to compare it to, but it will keep our interest for a bit. I’m exhausted of the scenery and can’t wait for some vibrant colors or images of a beach in the midst of this relenting white panorama I have to offer.  So until those shots, enjoy a little Ujjayi Pranayama, an audible breath used to anchor the busy mind. Also known as Victorious Breath because it’s energizing and calming.

Deep inhale, eyes closed and hold breath while you envision and smell the iodine and briny air of your favorite edge along the water. Relax jaw, tongue on roof of the mouth, lips closed. Let air out via back of the throat which sounds like the humming of the ocean. It’s a soft, internal sound synchronizing the breath with the movement of the undulating waves within. Repeat until you feel awakened and don’t forget your scarf when you head out into the crisp air. It’s easier to connect with the out breath than the intake but be mindful of it as you breathe it in, think Darth Vadar voice with this part. You don’t have to be the loudest one in the room with this one, but do command the power with this technique. Are your shoulders relaxed? Lengthen up to the top of your head…so many things to think about trying to relax. Oh, and don’t forget to set the intention of the day.

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