We’re Closer Than We Can Imagine

We’re closer than we’ve ever been.
At last, weathering the final storm.
Hitherto the great reveal.
Dedicated to creating blessings with your magic.
More blessings than you know.
More knowledge you can imagine.
More magic than you can believe.
Exercise your energy wisely, purposefully and peacefully.
When in doubt run into her embracing arms.
Inhale the air of your voice
For you can tell her everything.
I know it’s a lot.
One breath at a time.
Lay on her lap
And feel that kindle from within her depth.
Gently release the fear onto her and she will wail the tears you pocket.
Remember the past to create a better.
She’s got you; she will always love you as she does herself.
She is with you always as you find your way home.
Go when you need to be courageous
In your corner of silence
As you exhale the air of your voice amidst the noise
In this space until that last word
Before you leave that arrested journey
Into the breath, into the spirit venerable enough to be adrift.
Exhausting no doubt but don’t be disturbed
Have faith dearest child, for the gentle breeze will renew, it always does in the seeming stillness.
You are closer than you think
Entering a territory of sheer, raw, unimaginable undoing.
You will be changed imperceptibly just as you were when you first arrived.
But deep down you already knew that didn’t you?

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