Meet Henry

I thought she looked more like a Virginia. It would be more dramatic to call out Vir-gi-n-i-a, than Henry, two syllable names just don’t cut it when you need to shout out their attention in a trice. She strutted down our extended driveway as girlfriend was pulverizing sidewalk chalk into pixie dust with a mortar and pestle heisted from the galley (see two squares down). My hands were into cool soil, yet we dusted off what we could to warmly welcome our new all-blanco feathered amiga. Immediately she was scooped up, and Ms Henry not only didn’t mind, but enjoyed her new embrace. We showcased her from oldest bear’s bedroom window; he flashed an aloof grin and went back to his business. She pecked meticulously without a sound at everything we offered from our balmy palms. As dusk drew up her royal cloak over the horizon, we looked at each other with the same thought… wherever will she sleep tonight? On foot down the block we trotted cradling Ms Henry of course, we passed a masked bandit on his rounds of hunting scraps found mostly from ripping into purposefully tightly tied plastic bags. We stopped at the home up the road with hives, perhaps she belonged here. The response was a semi-disappointed no. like a ninja he lounged for a box for us to hide her and swiftly shuffled us out for he fretted his wife setting glance on the brilliant white plumes maybe inclined to add a feathered creature to the family brood. I told girlfriend we have a mission to reunite Ms Henry with her family even though she didn’t seem bewildered one bit, but quite chilled and dare I say cozy in her temporary mobile crib buckled next to her big sis for the hour. There was no denying where we were headed next, the mega fortified coop we pass nearly daily is quite luxurious, it must be where she roamed from. It’s a long-effort road for a lonesome chicken but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Sweet dreams dearest Ms Henry, we do hope you pop in for another visit and we appreciate your determination in making it our way to greet us, we do hope to see you soon now that you are familiar with the way.

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