Starting With Why

On finding my why. A key practice for fulfillment is to continue asking yourself why? Again and again, until you arrive to the root of it all…what gives you the juju to plug away? Only then, can you decide and presume actions that align with your axiom values. For starters, I may ask “why do you do thefolia?” because I want a daily creative practice. Why do you want a daily creative practice? Because I want to have a meaningful je ne sais quoi in my ripening years. Why do you want to be creative in your ripening years? Because the creative process is terribly fulfilling more so than any other activity. Why do you find creativity so fulfilling? Because I grow small and still. Why do you grow small and still? To be able to hear. Why do you want to hear? To be able to act. Why do you want to act? To be able to shift. Why do you want to shift? To be able to soar. Why do you want to soar? To be one with it all.

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