Abracadabra…My Daily Practice

Peace from mind,
extricating the design of the past.
I’m in my heart,
bridging the gaps of present conditions.
Clearing disturbances to reconnect with the diamond sun,
to create something beyond,
to see a better for all.

Pleading the muffles to boom and clatter and for my teacher to find
in the elapsed pathway
transformed by the renewing of my mind.
I feel my strong body once more
in this gracious light
breaking the links
from the pathway of a love hath fallen
and all the mighty that follow.
Courage to feel again.
I’m levitating baby,
eat your heart out
for mine is the only one prized to be whole.

In other words, I’m out here practicing my Qi Gong decreeing heaven on earth…the gates are wide open.

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