Band of Gold

While many items have made the rounds even before I welcome them into our nest, I select them because they rouse my curiosity and perhaps chance that the curios grow fortuitously onto my three not-so-little bears no more. Our renowned imagination has taken a backseat and now more than ever its prominence has a duty to take a stand. The ability to create is a beholden gift and I will continue to celebrate it as such and exercise it as intended. Wished-for by our higher knowing with reassuring reminders as the masteries of the light reverently and abidingly streams across our newfangled prevue for our wonder. It need not be complicated, but we tend to stir up some kafuffle all the while missing out on what really matters. While our ultimate gift to create has been defiled, vilified, shamed, desexualized and even hijacked I don’t subscribe to this surreal phenomenon unfolding, for it too shall pass. What can’t be erased from memory in my cells is the space that it holds for my experience in creating life. The palpable connection to life-force of my own and the one in the making is infinitely powerful. Sensing another being inside me digesting, kicking, growing exponentially in a state of unceasing activity was remarkable and witnessing it still unfolding before my eyes shows me just like within nothing looks like it needs modifying, fixing or even moderating, a little guidance perhaps at times. Every day for seasons to come, I will remember the supremacy I embodied for the grand entrance of my three beautiful souls and in their cells they will forever transmit that power within so long as it lives within me. Like a song replaying in my heart, I’m moved to sing each time I’m surrounded by my thrice-blessed miracles—gifts of beauty. This month a band of gold to celebrate one of my fellas. This child from birth was spirited with an aureate heart and a façade that packed a punch. The balance, well it’s the usual match of life isn’t it, how to find and maintain the balance. Once an unguarded transparent soul, now so far buried in soreness this tumultuous season we find ourselves in, yet underneath it all the pulsing of his virtue not missing a beat if only he could be still and hear the whispers of his well-guarded pulse for it’s his streak of gold yearning to leave a mark.

I believe birthdays are a time to make the most of the remaining days we have on this planet in pursuit of the quest. A week or so of interrogation and deep diving so that the days that follow expand our hearts and the grandiose feeling emits traces of our auric scent in the air that stir things up from our wallowed days and into fellow beings may the radiant emissions land. Go forward and flourish my son, go for the gold and settle not for anything less for you are what we have been waiting for. Born from my fire, growing from flying sparks of the sun, I feel your heart as it were still beating within me. Welcome once again and doubt not even for a second that in my heart a space will forever remain for you. A space with legroom to stretch, where preconceived programming, biases and expectations are nowhere to be found…a space for you to be you in that sweet zone of creativity where gods of the dark world don’t exist because your moments of illuminations are in faithful flow of the most beautiful transcendence that cannot be fathomed until the work of your art becomes a life of its own.

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