How Was Your Day, Mama?

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children. – Nelson Mandela

This was inspired by my notes lay bare a few squares down. Everyday wisdom by an old soul residing in youthful flesh via a few minutes of stillness whilst breathing into the lower Dantian of a usually fired up girl. Something so intrinsically noble in this, that aroused my heart. Deeply embedded within her flexible and transformable phases, a teaching, and a learning all the same with her usual mingle of charm and artistry. We rouse each other and awaken the dormant parts. From the start, she most definitely has induced notable tunings to my resonance of recollecting all the past wisdom from within…of who I am and the dream to revive. Slowly but surely love-infused healing finds a way where its magical gift keeps on giving and that somehow she came to me, entrusted by the Almighty for our paths to entangle to discover the magic in even my most darkened path. Star and heart to you as well, angelic one.

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