New Kid at the Stables

Oldest bear has a commanding presence to him, he is so genuine one can’t help but gravitate toward him. It’s no wonder the barnyard girls took notice and flocked to his attendance. Not much for words in a new group and into a new element for him, he politely heeded every one’s guidance in his dignified demeanor. But none other than from his sibling of a decade younger did he receive the most heartfelt directions on the basics of a horse and horse riding. I don’t know who was more elated oldest or youngest bear at this precious moment. Just outside, the shaved frosting over the valley shimmered under an opening sky and an edge of the moon sharpening and in here these two gracious spirits into all that attention, all the details and the effort of equestrianism. Something about it out here where horses whisk you away in God’s country.

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