It’s All So Elemental

Nothing to see up here, okay maybe the robe I’m a sucker for a thirsty Turkish cotton robe after a steamy shower. I descended as quickly as I had scaled the winding staircase to catch a glimpse of the spring pop-up and what I may reap from its blossom tips. It’s no wonder this pitch lured me up here. I can almost smell the loamy wet duff of spring. A blanket of snow tucked away for the next crisp nightfall, the verdant show just budding but nothing quite so luscious to overwhelm the overstay of the tawny residue of the darkest of seasons…not until the next few violent storms at least. April is such a raw month, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run and everything is still, exposed…yes everything out there in the open for us to see…it’s all so very elemental my dear friend.

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