A few photos back, and a few weeks out, how I miss you, Ruthie sweet mare. It’s an interesting photo, a quick snap in mid-shift. A normal day, a routine schedule, yet Ms Ruthie here, well a most worthy subject. The composition is a bit arresting and hazy yet incredibly noteworthy. Day in, day out, a whole lot of care. Wishing you all the banana leaves your heart desires on your new adventures oh curious one. You encouraged me to be still first and foremost, to breathe with ease deep from the gut. You taught me movement with command, you read my heart and felt my most intimate whims…we were onto something and while we wait with bated breath for this epoch time of authentication, I wish you a richly deserved rest. Not for too long as fellow riders who feel off balance, distant and lost, will hop right on and know what to do just as it happened with me. You will forever live in my heart; I feel your spirit ride side by side with me every time I hit the arena…until we meet again beloved Ruthie.

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