“…Even now, I’m all alone
Behind a wall that’s made of stone…” -New Order

Still find it hard to play the victim, for a leader you are not if you have fallen to its ruse, nor will you ever be.

Nor will you make well again as you shudder and shrill.
For a lover you’ll never be in this unsettling state of fear you so often choose.

Stealthiest you no longer are.
How do I know?
Nothing grows, nor heals nor expands in a constrictive and unnatural state.
In bitter blues you will remain.

Each way I turn, is further away from the circle that you encased around us.
You see now that I lost the need, so they too will.
Tonight, I’ll walk alone,
My soul I’ll find home.

I’ve finally arrived,
Better late than never at all.

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