And the Lord planted a garden eastward in Eden (Genesis)

A tale of rich complexity…where and if indeed it existed is not the issue at hand. Why it existed is what’s intriguing and did mankind live happily in this so-called Garden of Eden. Why not experiment for yourself! If you are fortunate enough to live in the mild climate States of the good ole US of A, you may have begun the harvesting of your prize vegetation. Don’t worry if it’s only starting to heat up where you call home; there’s just enough time to grow those luscious August tomatoes.We are making Dad proud by spending time outdoors attending and enjoying our refreshing vegetable patch. The Daddy of our nest is passionate about his dirt and has planted many seeds with his two favorite little pods back in April. This Father’s Day, we are whipping up brunch for Pops along with his favorite happy juice from our fresh harvest.Here’s what’s growing in our patch…

Here’s what we are serving…The veggies always show off their naturally delicious flavors. Fresh veggies earn their stripes when briskly cooked over flames. Vegetation isn’t the only thing cultivating in our backyard. Daddy has channeled his passion for all things living into the spirits of our little ones. They look forward to digging into the dirt, finding the perfect spot for their seeds, and proudly watching new life sprout. Already they understand the importance of caring for all living beings, how incredible food can taste when grown with mindfulness, and I’m blown away with their craving for all things culinary. They are compelled to occupy their little hands by digging, planting, cutting, chopping, seasoning, sautéing, whipping, stirring, mixing and scrambling, and of course shoveling morsels of their grand finale into their mouths. The culinary journey is insatiable morning, day and night. Hurray to our Daddy who plays an instrumental role in shaping two little seedlings to live this way. Hurray to our farmer’s feast—we are grateful for every piece. And may his farm-to-table spirit cultivate a burgeoning business from the bounty of his vegetable patch, his labor of love. We love you Daddy! Live simply, embrace all things passionately and peacefully in food, energy and products you bring into your nest. Find your get-away garden and reconnect with the land. Let there be no question of its existence.

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