Fiesta Anyone?

IMG_6990How about this setting for a soiree? I pranced across this magical place on one of my LB garden walks, yet another nook and cranny to discover along the craggy cliffs of Laguna. This particular finding was tucked away within a private property and thankfully the nest dweller welcomed us wholeheartedly into her not-so-humble lot. So enamored by the soft early afternoon light transcending through the wisteria, I couldn’t help but picture tea and crumpets about to transpire. IMG_6986IMG_6985IMG_6997 Imagine the sweet fragrance of the copious wisteria in bloom—a swift hillside breeze and I bet her neighbor would even transform into a princess without a worry in the world. IMG_6983
Quinceañeras, showers or wedding receptions are all illusive possibilities for this picturesque plot. Tables wouldn’t even need centerpieces, assemble a dance floor in the middle of the patch and hire a lively band and dance the night away.
If this were my nest, I would plan for many enchanting encampments—why pitch a tent anywhere else? In the meantime, all I have to offer is my balcony six stories above ground and with the constant noise pollution, I will settle for my company to enjoy my nest indoors. No wisteria in here, but plenty of foliage and libations to savor. The mood is never amiss with my THYMES glasses. Originally bought as candles, I of course reused these darlings and now they are mini vessels we use daily. SONY DSCIMG_1844SONY DSC IMG_4921 Easily accessible in a drawer to grab one when parched, or lift the tray with all glasses lined in rows for an impromptu party. How will you invoke a fiesta in your nest?  IMG_4890SONY DSC

8 thoughts on “Fiesta Anyone?

  1. I recognize the candles! What a great repurposing. It wouldn’t have occurred to me. But very festive indeed. The lovely outdoor scene is certainly appealing, and when i visit friends with really beautiful, quiet gardens I’m very much at home. But I know how the indoors can also be a very beautiful nest, and I’m sure that’s true of yours. You put so much thought into all you do to create your festive, and peaceful nest, Cristine. I am always refreshed just after visiting through your blog, so I know it must be very personal! 🙂


    • When I confirmed that the beautifully etched glasses had no lead and were food safe, it was a no brainer. Gradually after many hours of scented candles, we had enough for daily use and a fiesta. Thank you as always for your kind words and keep enjoying your very active garden!


    • I know isn’t it as cute as pie! The nest dweller even showed us the different ways the table could be set up so that you can edit your alfresco dining and keep it fresh! Thanks for stopping by.


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