The Grand ‘Ole Pantry

I suppose there is a charm and nostalgia to the pantry as it is one of the most requested features in American homes today.

I have never had a pantry in any of my many nests until now. It’s certainly understandable why this small storage room near the kitchen is so sought after. If you do not have a pantry, especially if you are lacking cupboard space, I urge you to clear out a closet near your kitchen and start an ad hoc pantry pronto. You will not regret it one bit since everything is displayed according to your needs.This coveted room facilitates the rudimentary task of whipping up a meal into a jovial one and may even swing you to be wildly impulsive (in the kitchen.) Organizing the pantry differs from nest to nest depending on your hungry crew. Just like with many things in the nest there is no right or wrong way of organizing the shelves of the pantry. Fortunately for me my space is large enough to store various vessels and entertaining ware at first glance. This makes it tres facile for when expected and unexpected guest arrive. Next to the showcase entertaining pieces, I store the food provisions, then storage vessels, candle and craft items and finally some handy household tools.From the moment I hear, “I’m hungry” we enter the reliable ole pantry together and I the pantler, grab provisions for the feast while the hungry ones enjoy some craft time to ease the hunger pains. Whether you plan on introducing a pantry into your nest or refurbishing and maintaining one beware of pantry raids from little bandits. Granola bars seem to disappear quickly in such an easily accessible walk-in closet. Can you blame the voracious granola gobblers–they look so inviting on the shelf? Whatever triggered this trend of rapprochement with the pantry I am forever grateful I happened to make its pleasant acquaintance in my new nest.

10 thoughts on “The Grand ‘Ole Pantry

    • Not so tiny hands make their way often as well. Try using a deep drawer as a larder or maybe you can customize a long and narrow cupboard that pulls out. Hope you are able to enjoy one soon.


  1. Your pantry looks beautifully tidy and organized. Why am I not surprised. 🙂 Our pantry space doesn’t look nearly that efficiently utilized, but we do have space. I think my biggest issue is that we still have too much “stuff” and I have a terrible time relinquishing kitchen items, even though I have duplicates and triplicates! I do need to do better with that!


    • Thank you Debra. Try using one of your duplicates in another place in your home. I have used cookie jars like in the photo to hold soaps in the bathroom for example. Or stack some books and add a bowl on top of them to a sitting area…just add nuts in it when guest arrive. Like I said before there is no right or wrong just do what feels cozy. Enjoy playing around.


  2. Your pantry is lovely. I have such a small one, I can’t even really call it a pantry. The one in my old house was wonderful. I miss it! (But it was never as pretty as yours. 🙂 )


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