In a Little While

our nest will be filled with the joy of a new baby girl—SONY DSCSONY DSC my boys couldn’t be more thrilled to be older brothers to a little sister and I couldn’t be happier to see their sweet and tender side penetrating through their tough boy shell. Spontaneous questions and suggestions have arisen in our nest and I was taken aback by how practical they are. As we sit around our round table that seats four…“we will need another chair for the baby,” my youngest (for now) says. Of course they uttered their name suggestions like Billy Bob Lane, while I told them I would consider it, I redirected their attention back to their dinner plates. (Certainly I will not contemplate this name as we do not live in Appalachia and would have to placate to the Chases, Gavens and Maddys for fear of name calling.) “Will we have to watch Dora and other girly shows?” One of my favorites is “what kind of cake will we make for her birthday when she is born?” I like the way my chef-in-the-making thinks, why not have a cake for us to enjoy upon her arrival into our nest, after all none of us will ever blow rings from a cigar. And of course the question of where do babies come from has been a reoccurring curiosity. SONY DSCSONY DSCPapa says when two people love each other, but I see my little one’s perplexed and unsatisfied look…he is a precocious one, his mind may not always be interested in academics but he is continuously asking why about everything. Recently while watching the story about Adam and Eve on television, he had that look of his little mind churning and finally he sputtered, “they must really love each other” now realizing how so many people could originate from the first two according to the parable. I have to admit, I am relishing in the devoutness centered on my ever fascinating belly. They watch in awe as my bump turns more and more into a watermelon shape and place their curious hands on top in hopes that she fidgets with excitement. “Where is she now, does she have enough room in there?’ they wonder. They try to whisper sweet words for her little ears to hear, but they always end with silliness and warbling their favorite French word for the number two. While this child will be blessed to have loving and caring older brothers, she will have to endure their sometimes intemperate ways, but at least I will be there to tell her welcome to my world. While we still will be outnumbered in our nest, I am hoping for a little more balance. I playfully revealed the gender of the baby with a secret cake where the color of the inside disclosed the long awaited mystery. It’s a recipe adapted from Saveur and my intention was for more of a pink hue, however, with the molasses and coconut nectar overpowering what little beet powder I had, this is the color that turned out. SONY DSCSONY DSC Naturally, it triggered their infamous refrain of their “Deuce” song…and yes it did inspire them to some sort of lyrical dancing. Enjoy the cake recipe, whatever your celebration maybe and may it bring joyous dancing into your nest.

23 thoughts on “In a Little While

  1. It’s always a fun experience to see what comes out of our kids’ mouths. I laughed at your sons’ name choice for their new sister. I think you’re wise to pass on that one. 🙂 A new daughter and new sister. How exciting for everyone! Congrats!


  2. How wonderful! A girl! I’m so thrilled with the questions the boys are asking. They are really interested in her arrival and how she is going to add to all of your lives, not take anything away from them. If they have a few of those typical concerns, their interest and curiosity about her, including name suggestions, will certainly outweigh any fears and once she’s here, they’ll be in awe! What a delightful time in your lives, Cristine, and I just wish you tons of blessings and pure joy in your lovely nest. The cake is yummy–and what a fun way to reveal that a baby sister is on the way. 🙂


    • Thank you for your many blessings! I think if my boys were younger, then they may have been a little more hesitant of her arrival. My eldest did anticipate his brother moving into his room with him, but was not upset to the idea (at least for now) we shall see when it actually takes place.


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