It coaxed me from afar in midmotion. The not-so-short and stout with curved, skinny legs dresser rested in the store window for everyone to adore. “I’ll just take a look,” I thought as I rounded the corner to find a parking space. It was even more beautiful close up; its delicate antique legs were much too long, I tried to convince myself that it wouldn’t work as a diaper changer with my five feet (scratching) three inches stature. But I couldn’t get my mind off it…it was perfect for baby bear’s room. I called the store the next day and re-introduced myself and asked if they would consider lowering the price. It was not the discount I had anticipated and I said thank you but I don’t think we could do that either. Toward the end of the week and with my gestation not going as well as the others, I convinced myself I wouldn’t have the luxury of looking for that perfect piece. Time was running out and I drove back to the store and requested assistance to lug it into my car, if it fit, it would be mine. And it fit. Even though it left me with only one crib option, an IKEA crib. I didn’t mind since it was a non-finished wood that I could feel good about baby bear sleeping in it until at least four-years-old.

The fox piece, however, would not be a transient purchase; we could enjoy it in our nest many more years to come. So there you have it folks, this is how the adorable little foxes coaxed me into bringing them into my nest. What do you think? I did spot one of the buyers from that store at a consignment store a couple of months later…oh well, even if he purchased it at a much lower price, I still needed something to function as a diaper changer and I haven’t mastered my fine arts painting on furniture just yet. Beware of those sly foxes before you consider a grandiose purchase in your nest and ruminate over it for a few days. I’m glad I did.

8 thoughts on “Coaxed

    • Thank you! I have used a modular one back in the days, however, I ended up using it as books shelves and toy storage soon afterwards and eventually gave it away. This piece can certainly stand alone in her room or anywhere else in the nest after the nappies (as you say over the pond) are gone.


    • Thank you Trish! I’m grateful her room didn’t have a closet or else I would have never sold the other one with less drawer space as I am in love with this one.


  1. Oh my! This is a fantastic piece! I can see why you just couldn’t pass on it, and I agree with you, of course, that it will be a well-loved part of your nest long after it isn’t needed for diaper changing! Exquisite! 🙂


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