Everything Changes

when you’re celebrating your birthday in the single digits yet everything remains the same. The day is celebrated with a close-knit group that corral around you and the flickering candles on the decorative cake of your present whim. The party troupe ceremoniously serenade you as your wish does laps within your dome until the final note is caroled and you enthusiastically blow out your candles, one more from the year before…one more wish (fingers crossed) granted to your lifespan.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCKnowing that this feeling is deep and abiding with middle bear at this age I couldn’t disappoint even during this unsuspected heat wave—I had to contrive a plan for the much-anticipated cake without turning on the oven. He desired an ice cream cake so lucky me and everyone in the nest, we wouldn’t turn up the heat tonight. I poured the mix into mini Bundt cake tins and waited six hours for the mini dreams to freeze. Eight little trays wait for us to indulge and after their transformation everything is as good as everything could be. We dig into our individual creamy yumminess and not only are our palates pleased but our body temperatures drop a half of a degree at least for a few minutes while we indulge. We submit to the taste and remain immobile…as long as we don’t move the cold runs through our bones. Baby bear does not get a taste…she has plenty of time for sweets but for now she greatly enjoys frequent visits to the refrigerator.SONY DSCShe squeals in delight as I hold her and we pop into the cold comfort it offers us. Even she has lost her sparkle as the heavy and balmy air suppresses her usual demeanor. Keep cool and do try this delight whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a favorite childhood taste.
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
2 cans coconut milk
vanilla bean and or vanilla extract
sweetener of choice (I used maple syrup & honey)

On low heat stir all ingredients until flavors infuse at least fifteen minutes. I do this since in addition to the vanilla bean I add vanilla extract which I make myself with a grain alcohol. Since there’s no baking, I needed to burn off the alcohol. When adding vanilla bean slice the bean down the middle and extract the vanilla by sliding a tiny spoon from top to bottom. This will settle on the bottom of pan so I also mix with a blender or a mixer. I have used both (depending on what I was going to make next at that particular time) puree or mix on high so that the milk becomes frothy. This makes it lighter since I don’t use any eggs. If you have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture in it and mix for about fifteen minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t, you can still freeze it, the texture will be a little different but you will still have something frozen to eat.

10 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. I’m so impressed you made your own ice cream cakes. They’re no doubt healthier than the ones I’ve picked up at Coldstone Creamery over the years for various birthdays. But now my kids don’t like ice cream cakes anymore. In fact, they don’t really like any kind of cake. I envy them that. 😉

    Love the pics, especially that last one. So cute!


    • There was nothing really cake about it since we have been so uncomfortable without air conditioning in our nest. It finally cooled off after the rain yesterday so now that I can use the oven, maybe I’ll try a baking a brownie bottom first and then add an ice cream mix after it cools. I gave up on store bought ice cream…so many wrong ingredients. We are lucky to have an organic gelato place next town over so we head there for an occasional treat. What about a birthday shake…would they enjoy that with an umbrella on top…we’ve been blending up lots of cold smoothies too lately.


  2. This looks so refreshing! Hasn’t the heat been just oppressive! And here you are still taking the time to make a birthday special. I hope it was wonderful. Your little darling is getting so big and what a precious little one she is, too!


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