Summer Harvest

A hummingbird beats its tiny wings seventy times per second, that’s 4,200 times per minute…that’s a lot of energy for such a little thing! Middle Bear (yes, I’m still fretting about him) is also smaller than the rest of the flock, living life faster than us. In his usual warp speed, he arbitrarily drops seeds into the dirt, while older bear systematically measures out square inches and tenderly places the fragile seed into the allotted square inch space. Both methods turns out had promising results since they were cared for with plenty of water and sun each day, however, the radishes and lemon cucumbers (both Middle Bear’s hand) were overcrowded.While the radishes were not as large as had hoped, there were an abundant of them. Lesson we hope to have learned: Even though they both reached the finish line at the same time, the seeds with enough space were more plentiful per harvest. Deep down, I don’t think this little garden tutorial will heed much to Middle Bear’s future gardening methods.I’ve concluded that he just doesn’t have a tidy mind (yet, until he is able to sort through those neurons), which of course has me twitching. I have one drawer for him to toss in his clothes however way he wishes, while the rest of the clothes in other drawers remain folded and guaranteed cleaned. I have a bin to throw in his kicks however he wants, they just need to be in and not strewn all over the floor for an obstacle course for the rest of us. And when hunger kicks in, he is quite vociferous and immediate about his needs…thank goodness for our early summer harvest! I have made meal planning so simple. Lovely pink silver dollar slivers of radishes swimming in olive oil and lemon are ready to be eaten with a slice of bread and butter…when the mouth is full chatter rests until the very last morsel and at times even sometime after.All wandering thoughts hang in the air momentarily and I enjoy the repose. Our favorite thing from our harvest is basil for a pizza Margherita that can also be made in ten minutes if the oven is hot and ready and the dough has been resting. Chives snipped over a couple of sunny side eggs or plenty of tarragon for a frittata.And even though we are waiting for our prized summer tomatoes and zucchini, we have our thin sliced strips of zucchini almost daily, grilled to perfection and swimming in olive oil and lemon with crumbled feta and a dash of salt and pepper. It’s a meal in itself. Got string beans? We love charring them (yes don’t be afraid of the black marks) just add tamari sauce, honey, oil, a dash of salt and pepper of your choice, a sprinkle of crush red pepper flakes are spot-on. Is there anything better than a bountiful summer harvest cupped in your palms?Okay, just maybe a June wedding that gathers family and friends from all times zones for a short and sweet blessing and a gathering around tables for as long as we like.This time of year, when the sun sets late and an unusual cool breeze blows in, you couldn’t lure us indoors until after dark. It’s a good thing when you are living in the fast lane to be playing outdoors because eventually there will be blossoms, there will be fruit but patience can be a tricky thing.I’ll end on a sweet note even if you are not a seasoned baker do give this recipe a shot if you know someone special with a birthday this summer. It’s an extra special treat and we were left with a half of a cake since the ice cream was just what we needed on such balmy days. Make double the ice cream batch or you may be churning some more the next day. Happy summer celebrations to you all!




21 thoughts on “Summer Harvest

  1. How adorable are your kids? Just too sweet. I’m loving your harvest – what a ovely thing for kids to be involved in. And those radishes – are they sauteed in olive oil and lemon? Have never eaten cooked radishes, only raw but they look so, so good.


    • Thank you my dear! Yes I sometimes sautee the radishes in butter & sprinkle with olive oil and lemon add the leaves for only the last three minutes of the ten minutes. They are yummy as is or with a grilled fish…happy feasting!

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  2. Gorgeous descriptions of your summer bounty have me salivating, Cristina. I’m intrigued with the charred green beans! That’s a new thought for me, and I must try. The almond cake is tempting, too. I think your garden observations of giving the seeds enough room to grow makes a perfect metaphor for your loving oversight of your precious middle bear. All I know for sure is that you have absolutely beautiful little ones! They are growing up, and so precious! Happy Summer, my friend.


    • Thank you so much for your kindest words Debra…it’s the simple things in life, non? And yes middle bear hasn’t hit the double digits yet, so I do need to give him room to grow as well. I tried the charring method with the green beans because they have never been interested in them and they do like charred shishito peppers so I figured why not try it with the beans and it worked they gobbled them all up. Although the last time I tried I don’t know if the pan was hot enough because I didn’t get promising results. May you have many adventures this summer!


  3. Ah! summer and the continued harvest from the giving land. Your radishes treated you better than mine did, all which bolted with the early spring hot weather, but at least they gave us lots of blossoms to dress our garden’s greens. Just like you, we await the tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and squashes. It is a lesson of patients. Happy harvest!


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