The True Path

I wanted to welcome a little sparkle into our day yesterday for Diwali, but upon my returning home with my daily companion out on our Saturday morning routine, we heard otherwise. A temporary deflection before resuming our evening objective, we solemnly headed out for an intended pick-up of one of the older bears, instead of celebrating the light festival in our nest. We ended up dangling on monkey bars and tree limbs and playing hide-n-seek with other fellow little beings at the park to enjoy a few more rays on our faces before sunset. We did pick up the best vinegar pies in the area, one for each bear, they are mini-sized and just right at the end of a day with a couple demi-tasses of masala chai as had planned. After the last sip, I realized the play at the park was not a detour after all. The festival has yet to happen, today was a much-needed attention to other affairs, but Monday would be the achievable evening for our objective. Who knows, it is impossible to foretell, as deflections occur more often than not when juggling schedules. At least we strung our lights, have our glittery confetti on hand, and our sequenced-garments laundered and ready for an evening of shimmer.

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