Holding Space for Chance

I gave up superstition and coincidence recently, belief systems seem to be dissolving in front of my eyes. Coincidence in particular seems to be lethal these days. Isn’t it a coincidence that humans merged into the Chordata phylum, the same phylum as sea squirts in 2012? Oh, that’s right I gave up my faith in coincidences. How uncanny that 2012 was the year the sun lined up perfectly to the galactic center…and how creepy that this new way of species diagnostics precedes the preparation of new species coming upon us soon. After some digging, I came across research led by a team at UCSF that a cancer drug based on a compound found in a rare Mediterranean sea creature is 30-100 times more powerful against the virus that causes the novel rona than remdesivir, according to new set of experiments reported in Science. Funny how that came up conveniently for me, yet it’s not incessantly shouted from the mountaintops like a freshly concocted inoculation. Fascinating how the chordates were originated from a fish-like ancestor. Some may argue that with an extraordinary claim of a new phylum or new treatment should come great evidence. But as we grow more languid as a species seeking convenience and genuflecting to cultural comfort rather than choosing autonomy, freedom, integrity and respect from one another we rely on “experts,” so we can continue in activities that deviate us from connection to ourselves and creating in the moment. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKp9InQAavs/?igshid=4cgls3vo5cam These guys don’t buy into the parsimonious fodder that consistently attempts to derail us from our sovereign selves. Check them out, almost cocksure when still and yet delighted to sway with the crisp and frisky breeze winnowing through these slender sentient stalks. I paused for a moment, beholden to these Plantae (which by the way are classified into four different phyla.) If you are still enough you can sense their joy and their absence for any sense of need. I’ve been noting stunning prowess not so much in humankind at least not around here, but in the great outdoors. These guys embody their power to know, to live fully in trust. Something I am geared up to remember. I am confident I will be an enthusiast of this way of being…as long as I walk barefoot on this magical Earth we call home.

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