Shivers of Awe

It’s a fairly common solar less weather pattern around here, but when it does beam up, it’s most welcomed. I was showered with some miraculous beams today and my digits nearly froze with a few seconds of exposure to borderline teen temperatures as I snapped this shot. I don’t fair well in extreme temperatures, but my gaze was directed up and the vista nudged me to complete a few more laps around the park to shower in the radiant light. Anyone else wondering what it’s like up there floating on billowing pillows surveilling the kerfuffle below. What’s everyone running from…I would imagine is the inquiry from above. Some say chaos has a purpose for now. Webbed into its design a higher fulfillment to be revealed to us, through some time and a whole lot of shadows that are moving along our planet. So for now, as things feel heavy and feverishly frantic, there is peace swelling underneath coveting to gush through. It’s going to take time. Time to reset, reflect and to reconnect with that awakening light. Time for the pursuit of the unexpecting. Grab your opportunity of being anointed in this new awakening. Turns out for me, I was born for this. My name, Cristina, the anointed means be set apart, empowered and protected. I’ve got nothing to lose and an abundance to gain. It sounds dreamy and looks pretty authentic to me. I’m in, especially since I came way too close to being an Athena, until my aunt intervened with her suggestion of the anointed one.
A little inspiration from our Marines…

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