Take Me To Paradise

I’ve been listening to my little muse lately. I’ve mentioned before how intuitive children play and communicate and how we should take heed of their cues. I bet if you take note of their ideas and follow through, you’ll find yourself exactly where you need to be at that moment. Anyone familiar with yoga knows this as samasthiti. It’s comforting to spend my days in this midst of travesty and collapse to get to know this little fledgling and fulfil her inklings. Never more so than now am I grateful for this gift. Today, she throws on a sweatshirt and requests that I wear the same one. It’s our take me to paradise one. This little bear can find paradise anywhere. While I offer my praises every morning to Red for being blessed to dwell within her cozy domicile, I know in my heart this is not my samasthiti. In Ashtanga method, samasthiti (equal standing) is a command to attention, a bringing of awareness to breath and returning to our center. Our nest tucked into our woods is something to be revered…forces at work no doubt. Yet while these old oaks like gods remind me how mortal we are, I would prefer to be surrounded by trees that bear tropical fruit to be plucked at whim and swill the nectar of the gods as we walk along a shore-lined scene. This evening as we watch the flakes accrue forming silvery beards on our surrounding gods as they tower and protect, I’m grateful that this little one encouraged me to step out and take a peek. Her unique point of attention affirmed to me this nest was needed at this flash of time. Out here, the dark night backdrop of the vast forest expresses all that is, all that has been and all that ever can be. A celebratory twinkling moment to see the uniqueness of ourselves. Open-up to become ever more than you can imagine. I know my paradise is near and when I arrive, samasthiti she’ll be named. An auspicious house name will invite fortune upon the home dwellers so do put some thought into the practice. See who Red is https://thefolia.com/2017/04/09/red/.

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