Ongoing Exercise, Mulligan Please

Our infatuation with snow has faded and thankfully has been relieved with spring fever in the air. I wish to not greet another flake this year, maybe in the next I may feel a little nostalgia for it, but for now all I ask is more sunshine and for us all to take care of ourselves. At least that’s my line up. Breathing in oxygen to nourish my body, mind and soul with my bare feet on the ground. I hope we can allay fatuous ideologies and reconnect with our consciousness and some piece of intelligence that reminds us that we not only have the responsibility but are wholeheartedly capable of thinking for ourselves. A whole lot of energy is consumed when we hold onto what is not meant to be. We are not meant to be confined mentally, physically nor spiritually. Set yourself free and breathe. If you do not provide your body and brain with suitable oxygen, they cannot function supremely or cognitively. If you can’t think right, you’re easily manipulated. This is my free speech, take it or leave it, but do not burn it. At what point was book burning on the right side of history aligned with the good guys? Why are they burning? What always follows this culpable maneuver? Go ahead…I’ll wait.

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