Kiss My Grits

Am I dating myself? Who else remembers Flo telling Mel to Kiss her grits? I’m going to start using it on millennials and everyone else who wants to interfere with my business. It does have a lighter tone than eff off. Back in the day, people said what they felt and didn’t act contrite for their opinions or beliefs. Back in the day, it wasn’t uncouth to be a free society, back in the day, it was safe to be unpopular. Lockdown has turned the tides and manifested fear into a virtue. Those who are afraid believe they are better people than those who aren’t and will subconsciously look for ways to multiply fear because it’s grown into their virtue. I choose discernment; I choose to breathe. And if I prefer not to look like a bandit, so be it, turn away and find another way to be of service to your fellow humankind. Don’t waste your energy on me by imposing your fear onto me, it’s a disgraceful state…it really isn’t working for you. At the very least bid me a humble oblige for I am not only fighting for my sovereignty but yours as well.

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