From the Place in the Heart

There’s a queue at the moment to be born onto this earth plane, so I’m told. So many star seeds praying, conveying and negotiating their way onto this pivotal moment in planetary history. It’s hard to believe when it looks like a profusion of hatred, division, judgment and chaos. Clearly, these furry guys aren’t falling for the false flags provided by the traumatizers of this distorted curriculum created to veer us off our path. Felines won’t betray their authentic selves but will fulfill their vow to experience this coveted rite of passage and choose to create a new reality. It does appear easier for them to not be distracted by the circus and to sit and connect to their essence. I can’t wait to find out what the big deal is about since they are doing everything in their powers to cancel out our experience while ushering in soul sucking perversions…I am embracing it as blissfully and fearlessly as these two.  

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