Two Old Souls

A lot of divination happening with this menacing technocratic universe but I’m not letting it phase me, I’m going inwards like these two old souls here. Their only concern is the present. Why feed the power source with the energy that they thrive upon? I’m prepared to take bullets before the newfound marketplace officially becomes our behaviors once the digitalization process begins. I choose responsibly to not react to fear-mongering tactics yet instead act like these fat cats, blissfully fearless by not consenting and stop colluding with our captures because trying to transmute the atmosphere of being comfortable with discomfort is exhausting. I favor the road to the power of command, and I will continue to take bullets for being my authentic self. From one old soul to another, this isn’t an era of excessive deaths; it’s an era depleted of awareness. We have been lured away from this age of truth, now more so than ever is the moment to remember. It’s time to radiate the finest you have to offer.

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