In Times Past

Still experiencing spring vibes over here. If temps hold steady only rain to materialize with flakes banned until the end of the year. No residual winter blanket left, however, the graffiti remains. Unfortunately, so do the consequences associated with the not-so-noble legacy of his reign. The blood sacrifices of our brethren from our land and afar all in the name of perpetual fallacies generated to take blame away from the insidious engineers. Yet we continue to support their crafty schemes, one regime after another, as they play upon our emotions, our sweat of our brows and backs, demoralize our children and from some of us, the peddling of our souls. As the enemies of life amp up interventions, we grow more petulant without a query but continue to do our “part,” whilst their campaign raging and masquerading to allay the public’s debilitating state of hysteria. The amplification of everything has been heavy on our hearts but all it is a trigger, a message, an awakening of sorts. Truth hurts. Badly. There is no other way around it but to acknowledge and be gentle on yourself. Flow with it. Spring is here. The tawny resolute landscape is giving way to crawling greens and new birdsongs are resounding. A new chorus is ready to be roared.

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