Sophos = clever, skillful, wise

I’m never crazy about getting behind the other side of the lens but when a gig relies on a snapshot…ready or not with only a few minutes left until dusk, I called it a day with this one. Taken from either oldest bear or baby bear both willing to “help” me out with a headshot. Their clutching hands taking turns on who could procure the funniest shot…let’s see if this is what they are looking for. During this very necessary illness purge era, it would be all the wiser to discover what ignites you. Clearly with my little bears it’s joy, love and a whole lot of laughter as they release their biophotonic energy through goofiness. No wonder they were so willing to give their mama a hand. It’s times like these I have to bring on my sophia, skilled in handicraft and art. “I am a great wisdom keeper.” I subscribe to this every evening…the last words on my mind before I drift away into the unconscious realm. And every morning I take a deep breath and recite “thank” as I place my right foot on the ground and “you” as my left foot follows. You can say it’s my daily dose of dual boosters to get my vibe on. Small compounding findings of gratitude no matter how tough things get can change how we influence our creational energy that will carry us through this transformation. No need for the other booster that is so vehemently prophesized by idolized drug pushers. There you have it, how I start and end my day, every day and a shot of moi…kinda, sorta.

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