simple is not necessarily unadorned…sometimes it’s all you have left. In a realm where oaths like “do no harm,” or “to uphold, defend and serve” are impulsively dodged, I turn inward for a trace of softness, tenderness, adroitness, allowance and a great heap of virtuous intentions. As we near the finale of this thrall, where the declination of human physiology and psychology will falter exponentially if we don’t shift our energy into a more thriving direction, ask yourself what am I going to do to feel better and eventually feel unimaginably wholesome? Take it from these musk thistles adrift to the breeze…feeling the energy of freedom. It’s a starting point, the momentum that will propel you to breakdown and dispel that one minuscule viewpoint that is being projected in this finite siphoning system we think is life. I’ll keep coming back to this point as we lose more and more free beings who are breaking down to acquiring their mock freedom cards. You are free now…there is no limit to the multidimensional ways to evolve. Choices are going to have to be made; don’t forget the simple ones.

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