The Way Out

This isn’t the salty body of water that I prefer, but there is something about a flowing river after a downpour. It’s a formidable wildlife wonder to the ocean when it’s not within reach. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to the water, in addition to its own embodiment of marvel…there’s simply something familiar about it. It’s the same sentiment I have for Leila Centner, co-founder of Centner Academy in Miami. She embodies a resonance of love and connection that draws you in and within the environment she pioneered in creating…you simply feel safe, loved and empowered. What more can you ask for? She has an appreciation, care, compassion and sincerity for the children. And because she is aware they are our future, she set off on a mission to provide them with the powerful tools that will change the course of this planet. In addition to lighting up the spark in children to find their passion, she promotes the recognition of one’s emotions by owning them instead of suppressing and being ashamed of the feelings. Her day-to-day presence in the classrooms and hallway is not to micro-manage but to lead by example. She is swarmed with hugs by jubilant children excited to share their discoveries with her. It’s a place where everyone learns from everyone and everyone matches the sincere and comfortable vibe that she imbues. She has a glow about her and nothing seems to knock her down, at least not long enough where she can’t pull herself up from her bootstraps. She is a gift to humanity, one who understands the dignity of the human race and isn’t afraid to challenge anyone who tries to dishonor that intrinsic spark from any of her children or fellow sentient beings. It’s such a privilege to be on this plane with this kindred wanderer at this time. It would be an honor to be available to fulfil my creative purpose alongside this co-founder, along with David, her husband and co-founder, and the magnificent team at Centner Academy. If you feel the need to begin again, if you crave more abundance, if your heart is yearning to burst open, connect and transform into creating a life you dream of, please listen to Bianca Erickson’s The Joyful Hour, Elevating Humanity with Leila Centner. It’s one of the best interviews I have heard. It’s just over an hour where Leila not only layouts out her vision for her “brain school” Centner Academy, but how she learned by true healing. She unlocks her heart, generously shares her wisdom and is an influence to help everyone who chooses to listen. She is committed to service humanity by providing tools to help not only children but parents. The maturity of her thinking, feelings and faith as well as her intricate connection with life is a tremendous talent that she bestows with great intention and confidence. I am drawn to her inspiring example filled with support, nourishment, stability and comfort especially in this critical time in history. It’s a privilege to be here, at this time with a spirit like Leila’s. It doesn’t surprise me that this buoyant and spirited motivator wasn’t celebrated as newsworthy on MSM as it doesn’t fit the narrative but in fact obliterates the intentions of the current hysteria by getting to the bottom of our own inner conflict to live the way we were meant to. A soul like hers is made to go the distance. Shoulder to shoulder, I’m striding alongside of her. Who’s with us? No telling where it will take us but know the universe will take us far that’s for sure.

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