Someone to Tend. Part 1.

When you don’t bow, you exist, you, we, you, history.” – Yianni Ristos

Something happens out here in the wilderness. An eternal commitment that cherishes the graciousness within. It’s no wonder that here I stand bare toes on terra, unfettered by exogenous factors of the interminable maundering discourse. Here among sentient friends with grand strength stretching toward the heavens and hidden wisdom taking root deep into the mantle of mama earth, I am disciplined, deliberate and deep into undoing. No illusionary panic rolling out here, only free spirits growing daily into their purpose, living, breathing and undulating with the mellow breeze. It’s not a place where control is even more seductive than a supreme profit, instead I’m practicing in consciousness to interface with the whole mind, body nexus where we connect. It seems like we forgot what matters in this world and as of late, it seems like we never really knew. If we keep up with this inhuman living against creation, we may lose everything grossed over the last half a billion years in mankind’s most lasting legacy, the sixth extinction. If we can’t reverse this huge collapse in human health and examine the nuances that landed us to this tipping point, this furthest of a prayer position we find ourselves in, then my brothers and sisters why do we exist?

We are not flawed, we are not impaired and what we have endorsed to be programmed into our genes are not everlasting. We are scientific revolutionaries in the making, regenerative organisms of a network of health that has been disconnected from the biological system. When we replenish those systems back inside of us and around us, epigenetic transformation is not only conceivable but is tenfold faster than our rate of disrepair. The choice is yours to be culled or to renourish and rise to the unimaginable.

I’m relishing in the stillness, the quietude, the opportunity to begin to repair the weary nerves that have been relentlessly splintered and patched together for the past months, years, decades and past timelines. I’m committed to an undoing of the world that is everywhere subsisting so comprehensibly inverted for far too long…a countdown to transformation, who is with me? Wishing repair and a struggle-to-resolution healing process onto you and yours.

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