Someone to Tend. Part 2

We surfaced on this mellifluously abundant planet of everything imaginable and instantly we embrace the idea of scarcity. I can’t blame us wholeheartedly as deception is quite astute and personal accountability and choice are striped from us since our arrival only to cling onto dependence on the external world of expectations, attachments, manipulations or false glorifications, rather than a clarity within the internal world of sacrosanct. If we continue with the outward path, we will resume living reactively with emotions as a driving force and will develop genetics of fear and guilt that mother nature never endowed for us in her four billion years of wisdom to support the emergence of mammals. Yet in the last brief 200,000 years, and deep into our hubris mindset of dominating mama earth, we choose to stride on the conviction of scarcity with a vigor of fear compelling us all the way. In classical Greek tragedy, this fatal character shortcoming brought about the fall of the tragic hero. Typically, overconfidence led the hero to attempt to overstep the boundaries of human limitations and assume a godlike status, and the gods inevitably humbled the offender with a sharp reminder of his or her mortality. Yet, Mother Nature thrives…chop off her sturdy and lengthy trunks and she transforms with prize-winning creations because it’s not in any sentient behavior of the wild to provoke nor embody fear, anxiety or trepidation. Yet, growth, transformation and progress are always on her mind. To reach our highest state of consciousness and grow to our fullest potential, a release of all guilt and fear is in order for more savory beliefs in abundance and beauty. Beholding beauty results in love…it’s the fabric of it all, isn’t though?

The wild never fails to flow so melodically and if you allow yourself the opportunity to be still, you can find the clarity that supports your more conscious choices. I’m working on my trigger points to take a breath and reverse behaviors of acting out of anxiety and fear, the lowest oscillation possible, instead of the higher option…bring me a higher love.

We do get to change it all. I choose a new life for myself and those who are open to receiving are waiting for me. How do you respond? You already know that even from a distance a smile, a wave, pursed lips to blow a kiss is healing. It’s regenerative…look to the wilderness for your validation. It ripples out more than you can imagine. I am just now waking but, I can only continue to do so once I break the habit of treating myself as exogenous or being beholden to any provoking emotions.

Zach Bush couldn’t have described this biological process more lucidly. –

Fall in love with yourself again, with your neighbors and family. Stop long enough to see the beauty and fundamental truth about who we are and what we showed up to do…Let go of judgement of ourselves and one another, understand the balance of living of being alive and listening to new ideas discovering the passions of others. Liberate that fear and guilt at the genetic level and if we do we can hold more light at the cellular level and spark our microbiome. If we can reduce the stress of an organism, it can hold more light energy and that light energy is released in the bacteria in your gut and beyond to your mitochondria to release light energy in the cellular level. The conversations between the plant, the bacteria and the mitochondria are of liberating light energy. Conversation between them makes you who you are! You are a light being of the vibrations and be in awe…we are so biodiverse. Repair and regeneration. Embody your power of regeneration…you are a functional system waiting to have the right information, unleash your true self. Humans are inherently healthy because we are made of an intelligence of nature that is irresistible and inescapable. You are an intelligent system waiting to happen simply in need of that wireless communication network to happen for you to function…that is grace.

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