And So It Was the Later…

Something redolent about the whiff of moist duff after the morning frosty dew dissipates, something not-so-ordinary to spot, this sweet trinary. Sunlight yearns to kiss these lavender hued caps and if girlfriend were with me on this am stroll, she may want too as well. While those continue to recreate what they want for us, I tune it all off. If I’m not surprised in the first few eight bars, I change the station. I turn the nob a lot, so much so that I stopped listening to the noise. At this point, predictable programing is disappointedly trite with diminishing returns of satisfaction. It’s not the case out here. There’s a beautiful cadence, as I pass by the rustling leaves, the chirping songbirds, even in the mostly grey and russet of November’s charm, I trust that harmony will lead me in the right direction.

I love a cluster of three. These reminded me of my favorite three in the whole world. Wise in their fitting ages they each are indeed and yet how much more all the wiser they will grow if allowed in their natural uniqueness, awe, wonder, thirst, enthusiasm, joy of life so long as it isn’t snuffed out of them. It’s a breath of experience out here…it’s nourishing, just what’s needed since the noise on the wavelengths are circular whereby premises provide no independent ground or sense for certainty of any conclusion but rather a frantic reach for any reckless presumption. The bridges of therapy in old school songs are no more. Without a bridge to connect the dirges, the disorder and turbulence in the lyrics with the way out, there remains continual cycles, more like traps than resolutions for the heart. I’m looking for solutions even if the thinking leaders in the arena have nothing viable for humanity. Love and laughter for starters:

If music be the food of love
Then laughter is its queen
And likewise if behind is in front
Then dirt in truth is clean -Procol Harum, 1967

After this song things became a bit more inventive, a bit more vital, a bit weightier…sounds like we need another golden song like this right about now. Without that spark of interest there is nowhere to go.

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