A Gift Horse

which didn’t look us into our beckoning eyes. It was admirable to see just how much this horse had to eat. From the moment I arrived she didn’t stop eating even when a party participant would ride piggyback, she gnawed away every step of the way. Sometimes we do things because it’s comfortable even if we are not hungry, we eat. We clench on because letting go is uncomfortable, we follow blindly because it’s easier than standing alone in our authority. Stepping into our uneasiness could be our biggest opportunity yet. We didn’t connect with Ms. Pixie on our stroll, she was too concerned with grazing…too bad something magical could have sparked between her and my courageous girl. If she stopped chewing for a few, she would have felt her softness, seen her shining heart, admired her wit, her candor and kindness and may have even felt her caresses across her golden mane. Transcendence makes most of us feel terribly ill-at-ease. That some strange reason of adapting to indignity to the point of commanding it and contesting to be mistreated, to obediently disdain and deride those who suggest otherwise. What prospects are we overlooking because we won’t slip out of comfort? We can simply choose another route, the one where getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is the way to the sweetest freedom ever imagined. We can indeed make that choice and a whole new game commences.

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