How Sweet It Is

Sweetpea, you are most welcomed here.
Believe this interlude is the grandest of all time
Take in the drops from above,
collect them all.
Soak up the sky rays,
absorb how they fill you with grace.
Breathe in the grassy bouquet of morning dew
Hear the whispers of the leaves rustling in the breeze,
invite their wisdom to enter your heart.
Sweet baby make this world your home,
even for a flash
it’s your moment to savor
it’s yours to feel
all it’s abundance, it’s yours to adore
Relish, it’s forever yours, all of it.
You belong here, no one can tell you otherwise.
Come as you are, evolve as you will
You are fit enough and more so,
treasured as memory fades
The dream is here
Love, as time runs through your hands…
how sweet it is.

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