A Stands for Affection

I’ve learned a notable amount of the ABC’s of the heart here and the code of living in the moment as these creatures do readily and for the highest outcome of pure truth—the supreme gospel of all the majesties of the grandest of all prophecies. All in all, these majestic beings possess an extraordinary magnetic nature. A horse’s heart rhythms reflect what they are feeling and these same rhythms can sense the emotional state of nearby humans. VLF, an intrinsic rhythm generated by the heart’s intrinsic nervous system aka the heart brain plays a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing. Horses have naturally high amplitudes of the VLF rhythm. Perhaps it’s why they blow my mind with the affection they are willing to give, so long as you are present and still enough to receive. A tremendous amount of love and mutual healing benefits have been experienced between people, horses and other animals we love. Thank you Hound for granting me your affection; it was my pleasure to connect with you today.

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