Kid Can Throw

Kid can do a lot…so much potential energy, he doesn’t even realize it. One day. Keeping up this talent of his, he may get there swiftly. Something about creating with your hands and wet clay spinning…it’s quite a feeling. My father-in-law said years back that he thought I would be great with clay, what a talent he is. I was busy focusing on two toddler boys who kept me on my feet most of the days so to find time sitting back then, I’d much preferred to catch up on sleep. There was always an excuse not to take a class, with a partner always chasing his next catch and mostly the three of us on adventures of what little boys like to do, playing with play dough was the closest thing to throwing clay that I ever did. Then there was always the budget, rather an absence of the appropriation toward my self-improvement–imagine what we could have created the three of us with a kiln. Both boys dabbled with it at a young age in school and have some masterpieces…that was my sign…we could have had a storefront by now. I have a name selected, a location too…it starts with a vision.

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