Raring To Go

Around the corner, no more alarming forecastsWithin kernels, boldnessBouncing on balmy foreheads, wispy curls.Peeking out, golden raysUnbreakable, our spiritReady for anything, children in the zoneBrimming over, morning vibesRacing to the next task of the day, children on a missionWind on … Continue reading

F Is For…

…frolicking in the park. Who would have thought we’d invest so many hours at the park in February. It’s hard to leave before the witching hour. Instead of making progress on a mare, we’re climbing full speed up slides until … Continue reading

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

The guy on the left looks determined. The guy on the right looks confident, maybe even a bit bored. Either way kudos to them both. I couldn’t do this now that’s for sure. I never cared for it back then, … Continue reading