Experiments Never Fail…

IMG_3364 they yield new, inspiring and beneficial data from the perspective of a scientist. Why don’t we as lay people embrace this philosophy? Why is it so paramount in our lives to grasp the idea of being accepted and dread the idea of rejection? How often in our lives do we hear rejection and wanted to cry like a child. From early on we learn how to please our parents and our teachers and desire to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling after they utter their words, “you were such a good little person today.”

This concept has troubled me lately as I ponder a few current events in my life. Why don’t we hear, “you were very courageous” and why don’t we praise children for expressing themselves more often. I am blessed with “good” children and I am so grateful for their preciousness, however do I want to continue this passive and obedient way of encouraging them to live? Yes, being respectful and mindful should not be overlooked, however, I am making a stance of difference-making in my little nest. Because what happens now in my nest will impact how my little fledglings will act when it’s time for them to fly off and build their own nest, and so on, and so on.

IMG_3442 So let’s all lighten our hearts and disarm all our emotional stories that we place behind “rejections” and let’s want to create astonishing actions. I have learned this recently through a life experiment where the outcome didn’t bestow what I had hoped for. I was focusing on the how instead of the want. Within the same day, I heard thrilling news of a friend who had literally transformed her life in weeks! IMG_3409 She was blissfully fearless because of her desire for what she wanted in her life. A truly courageous woman, who took a stance which was certainly challenging and scary at first, but through perseverance she raised her consciousness, expanded her imagination and literally changed her energy. IMG_3403IMG_3396 My spirit needed to be transformed and only I can navigate the way. Coincidentally, this epiphany for me came just in time for Thanksgiving…thank you my friend for your courage!

May you find your courage in your nest or out and about in your daily experiment. There is encouraging energy out there if your heart desires it…sometimes it radiates through a familiar face, IMG_3440 an exotic cup of tea that transplants you to another land, IMG_3436 or an out-of-place toucan. IMG_3434 Don’t miss out on the fun by stressing about the table setting in your nest this Thanksgiving. Make a real difference in your own way; don’t play it safe with the most predictable and inoffensive way to please your invited guest–just be you without any preconceptions of acceptance. IMG_3424IMG_3422

6 thoughts on “Experiments Never Fail…

  1. That IS a fearless expression, Cristina! I’m really intrigued with what you’ve shared and I really take the challenge and want to run with it myself. Our children and grandchildren do need to see us in light of strength and resilience. I admire people who take disappointment and shift, rather than staying stuck in reliving the rejection. What you’ve shared really resonates as worth considering closely. ox Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Thank you Debra! I really turned around my emotions with a little bit of disappointing news in my life, however, it was easier after hearing news of a friend’s new bliss! In the words of Nike, “Go For It!” Although, it already sounds like you have taken the blissfully fearless challenge in your approach to life. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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