If Not Me Than Who ?

I’m trying to figure out this place, the what and where, the why I have arrived and how to return without the baggage. Where else does one go but the wilderness for answers, for she doesn’t sling any distractions our way. Instead mesmerized by her beauty, alone with my thoughts, my prayers, my world of light inside of me, forever in its fullness. Even the slightest awareness of the exalted light of the sun that warms and tints my skin and in the wind that kisses the nape of my neck, knowingly ignites the flux of light that threads within. We need no other for the time is now for that which is coming.

Enter plastic and silicone, filters and brushstrokes. As I was fiddling around with the backdrop, I noticed my face changing before my eyes, intrigued by the variations step by step, gradually we see that something not normal becoming normal, expected and eventually accepted. “Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better,” –Richard Hooker, British theologian. This observation sheds some light on the worst vicissitude of power and how we allow ourselves to be shaped by them while extinguishing our spark, our truest exquisiteness our unrealized priceless supremacy.

We fret about things that ought not matter, that ought not even be a thought. We forget we are born human and physically can’t be perfect. We compare our “flawed” characteristics to an idealism that ought to be put to bed. I’m embarking on the path of enlightenment, taking responsibility for my joy and my support in creating my wildest dreams, for how glorious to know that mind through meditation is an awareness of interpretation of God’s thoughts, an inspired language of light, at long last knowing.

Take heart knowing you are among friends, loved and protected. It is a lengthy journey, a tremendous one. It is the timeless journey of immortal man seeking recognition of his immortality through his mortality. So these few tweaks I made to the photos are nothing compared to my soul within the beauty of the dawn. Today is what I make it. Today marks what I stand for and until I reach the top of our mountain, it’s what I will forever do, it’s who I will forever be for I am woman created by God and by virtue of existence I am free. No declaration written or verbal can ever debunk this. No more asking for permission. Just a friendly reminder that you are not inferior. You deserve this for you, for your ancestors, for your children, for humanity and for Mother Earth. Everything is possible and it’s already happening…rest your mind dearest one.

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