Long-Live Barnyard Girls

Void of all fear.
As sweet as honey.
Just as the real thing from the bees.
Preserving their essence, nothing entailing them at play.
For the spirit formerly conquered and bequeathed upon them a brimming of fortitude.
They already are, no need to urge sensibility.
We ought tenor toward them—discipline, desire and dedication within the carrefours of barnyard girls.
Knowing how to order priorities of their steeds, loving them no matter the rebellion and equine love returned tenfold and everlasting.
Finding shelter and taking heed for an enlightened encounter of a predestined path,
their tiny sparks are all but the kindling for lost souls meandering the elapsed ether.
Arising to essential aide of one another, lightening the burden an itty bit whilst boosting cheer and expanding praise forever in complete resonance all around and within.
These wild children of the universe, here to lead with heart
here enlivened by the challenge.
Let us defend what is still safe and secure and safeguard from the forgetfulness of love.
Let us sense this urgency in light of the dawning of a new day, laughing, laughing all along the way into the future freer than ever dearly known and as confirmed in our God-given dreams.
Long-live barnyard girls.

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