A Sweet Bunch

Alive, vital and back to my sentient self as I was designed to be. Once you start enjoying your own company, you enjoy the company of others, in particular those who have claimed their supreme sacredness as well. Those who avoid their inviolable duties, instead cling onto relationships so that they can feel important and loved. Needless to say, the foundation of this type of relationship is weedy and wispy, therefore dysfunctional at best with the frail one in an unremitting battle within a scarcity theme and insistently defiant to dedicate desperately essential devotion from within. This indolent union is anything but a connection, it’s not even a structure, more like a “strict”ure which can never produce anything out of love. This state of listlessness isn’t sustainable for an energetic being and needs to feed off others magnetism…it’s insatiable so long as that energy from within is kept flouted. Four indolent decades later and still sidestepping the obvious and increasingly life gets beyond leaden for everyone around. It’s one thing to muster up and allow myself grace from what life-long deception has unveiled before my eyes; it’s another to do so knowing what I now have set borders for and yet the incipient ruse harrowingly lurking into the vims and vigors of my babies. It’s downright heartrending…man up for the sake of the promise of their future. They didn’t come here to fill your void; they came here to show us what it’s like to live and how to go about doing it.

What do you want your life to look like, feel like? Think it, breathe it, live it and let all that other shit go already.

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