El Salon Mexico

El Salon Mexico

A monopoly of sorts upon waking, every thought from lucid dreams resounding to outshadow or outshine the rest of the day, depending on what vibrational valve you choose to embrace. Every rhythm, every movement, every gesture seems to take over … Continue reading

South of the Border

Traversing borders can often be uneventful for someone like me. For many others however, it’s an occurrence that fretfully haunts them. For the last year I have borne witness to the political game of immigration stakeouts while commuting anywhere near … Continue reading

Tito Bandito

As the story goes Tito, our mostly beloved Chihuahua, was introduced to another Chihuahua and this even feistier little soul was smitten with him. Since this love at first sight had never once before occurred for little Lucy (truthfully I … Continue reading